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Our Story

Hey there! My name is Jenny and I used to work in corporate as an engineer, but I always had this dream to create something that I was truly passionate about. That all changed one day when I found my true passion by solving my own problem.

You see, I was always on the hunt for the perfect phone case. I wanted something that was stylish and reflected my personal style, but I also needed it to protect my phone. I had an iPhone and I was obsessed with finding new cases every few weeks.

That evening changed everything

But then, disaster struck. I accidentally dropped my phone and the screen shattered into a million pieces. It was a total nightmare - we all know that moment when we cringed.. I ended up replacing the screen, but it was a costly fix and I didn't want it to happen again. So I set out to find a phone case that was so much more than just stylish, as we can all use less stress and better protection, your iPhone will be safe no matter where you go.

Champagne Marble iPhone Case at Distillery District - KokoLoveCo Photoshoot

Mission to Solve Your Problem

That's when I decided to create my own brand, KokoLoveCo. It was a mission to solve the problem that I and so many others faced: finding a phone case that will protect you phone and make it cute at the same time.

So I got to work — spent months researching products and materials, designing the initial products, and turning my dreams into a reality. And finally, in 2020, KokoLoveCo was launched from my bedroom in Toronto.

Fast forward to today, KokoLoveCo has grown beyond just me. My family helps with inventory and deliveries, and there are TONS of love that goes into each and every case we create.

So many of my dreams have come true. We continue to surprise and delight around the world with our simple, highly effective tech accessories.

Velvet Goddess Glitter Case looking pretty

and its just getting started!

There’s an incredible amount of love that goes into creating our phone cases. As a small business, all of our products are shipped from our location in Toronto within 48 hours of purchase. As promised, we offer 100% money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied — No need to let any decision fatigue keep you from getting started :)

So if you're looking for a phone case that's both stylish and protective, KokoLoveCo has you covered. Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

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