Our Story

Hi there! KokoLoveCo is for women who are inspired to see the über feminine and delightful side of life in every moment of every day.  Our stories of fashion, lifestyle and travel are colorful, inspirational and attainable but most importantly created with authenticity, love and admiration for the magnificent and grand world around us. 

At KokoLoveCo, we’re passionate about everything we do with the mission to deliver stylish and thoughtful phone cases and mobile accessories.  We strive to provide the best value and experience to the people that matter most. 

How It Started

I have always worked for a corporate company as a Project Engineer, but deep down I had a burning desire to create something I would truly love that I build it on my own.  Then it all started from that evening I found what I am truly passionate about.

I remember from my first iPhone 6 Plus in 2016 - I was obsessed with stylish phone cases to accessorize it.  I would find myself go to the mall kiosks every few weeks to pick out new case, or go online spend SOOO much time to find ‘The One’. 

Why Phone Cases?

One evening when I watched my dearly iPhone dropped and the screen shattered - we all know that Nightmare moment when we cringed.. I ended up replacing the cracked screen (even when I had insurance on the iPhone via the mobile carrier).  Though I loved cute phone case designs, that phone case I bought didn’t protect my phone.  A new phone can be pricey. That’s why we believe that tech accessories shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. I REALLY NEED a case that protects my phone from my clumsiness.

Mission to Solve Your Problem

One of the problems with most people who are looking for phone cases: there are so many phone case designs but it seemed like there were only two options available: 1) great designs that offered little protection, or 2) bulky protective cases with generic designs.  Both does not work because I’m looking for pretty and protective phone cases! From the dropped incident, I learned it is SOOO important to me to ensure that every design is built to protect the phone, as well as show off your style.

After an exhausting 6 months of research, designing the initial products, selling everything I had to buy inventory, and preparing to turn a simple idea into a real, viable business; KokoLoveCo.com launched in December 2016 from my bedroom in Toronto.

We Delivered Directly To Your Door

Since then, we’ve grown into an amazing, passionate team based in Toronto, Canada; where we work to consistently bring our fans the coolest designer phone case and accessories. We’re committed to continue offering a fresh selection of new releases with dependable quality & protection. We’re proud to share our passion with our customers.

As a small business, we’re proud of what we do and EVERYTHING we ship out. We hand pick our merchandising assortment and use customer feedback when we pick out our exclusive collections. All our products are shipped from our own location within 24 hours of your purchase. We are so confident that you’ll love your purchase that we back it with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee and a 1-Year Warranty on all of our products. If you don’t love it, we’ll refund it, hassle free.

We carry thousands of exclusive items you simply won’t find anywhere else online.  If you’re looking for fun, feminine cases with glitter, flowers, and fun prints, as well as classy clear cases and slim leather ones. 


Thanks for reading and I hope you love our cases!